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Getting the most out of your Yellow Pages® ad

Do you want a Yellow Pages® ad that really gets the phone ringing with people ready to buy your product or service and not just wasting your time price shopping?

So many businesses use the Yellow Pages®, yet may never recoup their investment, even those that do, don’t fully realise the real fortune that they could make

Will your Yellow Pages® ad make you money or send you to the poor house?

Here’s the plain in your face truth
Please let me explain to you the plain simple truth that if you take notice of will save you money.

Here it is… Yellow Pages® reps are ‘advertising salespeople’ not skilled copywriters. Their job is to sell a business owner as much ad space as possible. And hey, rightly so – that’s their job. Now, if your ad doesn’t give you a return on your investment that you were banking on, your local Yellow Pages® rep explains that you need more exposure to ‘get your name out there’ and you need to buy more ad space, plus your competitors are signing up for larger ads and so should you just to keep up – sound familiar?

Hey, don’t get me wrong here… Yellow Pages® can be an extremely excellent money pulling strategy for most businesses – if done correctly…

Don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourselfYellow Pages Ad
Pick up your local Yellow Pages® directory and sit down and spend a good 20 minutes studying some ads at random (drink strong coffee first, it helps). Here’s what I find when I do this…  majority of ads tend to look similar – they start of with their business name at the top, a few bullet points about what they do and contact details at the bottom… I can appreciate that Yellow Pages® staff are very busy and it’s easier to stick to a simple format (it’s a hell of a lot quicker) then to get creative and spent a lot of time finding out more about your business and why people should buy from you, and project that information back into your Yellow Pages® ad so it works for you.

Now, do these ads work? To a degree, but when your ad looks similar to all the others you give your ‘potential customers’ no real reason why they should choose you over your competitor.

Put yourself in this picture for a minute – if you were flicking though the Yellow Pages® to make a purchase and all the ads looked the same, but there was one or two that were different that stood out and were offering the benefits you were after – would you at least give them a call?

Finally… here’s the good news…
You can do something about this! You now have 3 options available to you to increase your business through Yellow Pages® directory
  1. Leave it up to your Yellow Pages® rep to come up with something different for your target market (wish you all the best with this one)
  2. Take control and do it yourself  - you’ll find a bunch of info on this site that will help you write a great ad that will have people lining up wanting to thrust money into your hands
  3. Find a Yellow Pages® Ad Writer Professional who can do it for you

Here’s how we do it;
  1. You’ll fill out a questionnaire with our help. We spend the time to analyse who your customers are, and the reasons why they should buy from you
  2. We’ll talk with your sales staff (if any) to get their ideas as to why people buy from you
  3. We’ll spend the time researching other Yellow pages® ads in your industry and identify the most effective ones. (if needed we’ll even call some of these to find out how their ads performed and the most important reason their customers came to them)
  4. If needed we’ll survey up to 10 of your customers to research what makes them come to you. This gets the customer’s perspective on what is important to them
  5. Draft up a copy of the wording to be used in your Yellow Pages® ad and send a copy to you for feedback
  6. Final wording draft we will have our design team draft up a complete ad with layout and graphics as it would appear in the Yellow Pages®. You’ll have a look at it and make any final changes. It will then be handed over to you to forward to your Yellow Pages® rep.
  7.  We’ll then help you put together a monitoring system and help you analyse the results you get from the ad to determine any change of strategy for the following year

Now here’s the deal…
If its Yellow Pages® cut off deadline and you need your ad produced and ready yesterday, Sorry… we can’t help you. As you can appreciate there is a fair bit of work that goes into developing a good Yellow Pages® ad. Depending on current workload a bare minimum of 4 weeks is required (no exceptions)

If this is not the case – we would love to help you

Is this service going to cost a lot of money?
Hell yes! – but I’m sure you suspected that all ready… come on now just joking, lets be serious here.

If you leave your Yellow Pages® ad in the hands of salespeople and it doesn’t return your investment outlaid and doesn’t bring in the customers you need for your business – that’s going to Cost you a lot of money, isn’t it?

Did you know..? If you have a Good ad or a Bad ad you pay ‘exactly’ the same amount of money to have it appear in the Yellow Pages® directory – so why not have a Good one?

For a full page ad in one of the main Yellow Pages® directory can set you back well over $30,000 (don’t know about you, but that’s a fair whack) for a additional small investment you can have it done right that guarantees you a better result straight off.

‘Depending on work involved’ the minimum investment for our services starts at $595 and range up to $4960 for a full page ad with all the bells and whistles.

If you would like us to look at revamping your current ad or designing a new one for you please fill out the details on our contact form and we’ll contact you to discuss
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