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Family business finds new ways to increase
My husband and I have a small family business and although we knew we were at a point where we wanted to grow the business we really didn't know how best to approach the whole process, so we engaged the service of a Business Development Company.

To be totally honest, neither of us knew what to expect from such a company but we knew that we didn't want someone coming in and taking over because it was "our" business, we just needed some guidance. Well we weren't disappointed, because with Brian from Better Business Now we got just what we needed. He gave us great advertising and marketing ideas, he got us set up on the web (which is something we would never have even thought of, whether it be out of fear or ignorance I couldn't tell you) and he gave us a variety of leads to follow, and all this with never once making us feel as though he was taking over. I found that I could ring Brian any time or as many times as I needed and not once did he ever make me feel that I was being a bother, and he would always have an answer or idea and if he ever had to look into something for me, I could rest assured that he would always get back to me with an answer.

Although we haven't become wealthy overnight (I wish), our business is definitely moving in the right direction and we are getting the right systems in place so that as the work load increase our ability to handle it will be there as well and I feel this is greatly due to the knowledge and guidance of Brian from Better Business Now.

So thank you Brian, not just for all your help and guidance but for your patience as well.

Maria & Peter - Plumbing Business

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