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Bricklayer earns 11k for No Cost

My small business is in the building industry, where I am a brick layer for small builders and home renovators.  Before commencing work with Cathy I was stressed from lack of leads coming in.  Cathy taught me how to use this nervous energy more productively and put my energy into prospecting for work.  I have now implemented several strategies all with varying degrees of success.  
It’s all a process, a system of getting leads and tracking, which I now will keep going on a regular basis.  All of Cathy strategies are low cost and one of them cost me absolutely nothing but got me a return in the vicinity of 11k within a couple of months of implementing. I now have direction and know where my business is heading, and yes I would certainly recommend Cathy to any other small business.  

John - Adelaide Bricklayer

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