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Advertising - saved over $10,000 & gained more customers

Yellow pages, is where a lot of money can be wasted. In years passed we have left it up to the reps to design the ads for us, thinking to ourselves that they should know what to do? Each year we get talked into ‘up-sizing’ and increasing the number of ads we have. The reps tell us “you need a bigger ad so people remember the name, next year will work better” – but, unfortunately all we seem to do is spend more money and not see all these crowds of new customers as promised by the reps.
Frustrated with poor results it was time to get serious. We contracted ‘Better Business Now’ to help us.
Part of their services, they showed us by using just a few simple tricks how we could rewrite our ads and what sizes were needed.
The end result – we were able to increase the amount of ads, while saving over $10,000! Plus, the phone enquiry rate skyrocketed by over 20%

Angela & Ian – Podiatrist Clinics

footnote: the yellow pages campaign was so successful that the owners had complaints from their 'competitors' requesting them to change the ad because they were losing business and felt it unfair.

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