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5 to 8k extra per month for basically nothing

My role here at the salon is the Administrator come marketing person, my sister took over the business about 1 year ago.  We never did any marketing but knew that in order to get more profit and lift our game we had to do something but the question was what to do and when and fingers crossed will it work. 

Then Susie got a call from Cathy to come and have a friendly chat in regards to us improving our skills in the area of marketing and yes of course to make more money.  Cathy pushed us out of our comfort zones but with the best intentions of course.  Cathy is straight down the line and calls a spade a spade, but we were up to the challenge and in her passion for us to succeed we got some fantastic results. 
We put in customer care programs which taught us that our customers are our most important asset of our business.  One of the strategies in place now returns us approximately 5 to 8K a month extra and it basically cost us nothing.  All the strategies that Cathy puts in place are low to no cost strategies, which is something that really helps a growing business.

We would highly recommend Cathy's services to any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level.

Michelle and Susie - Wellness & Beauty Salon

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