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$100k Increase on Track

Being the marketing person and owner of a beauty/cosmetic salon in Adelaide. I originally coached dance students, ballet to be exact so I understood the benefits of having a coach to get me to where I wanted to go. Why did I go from dance students to beauty well I use to go to that beauty salon and liked it so much decided to buy the business.

Cathy Pihir has been working with me now for 3 months before that it was hit and miss with different ideas and not really knowing if they were going to work and make me money let alone a profit. Now we get together once a week and have put 5 strategies in place and I know I'm not wasting my money.

Cathy has taken the whole salon out of their comfort zone but to get better results we had to learn new strategies. Since engaging her services we are on track to achieving one of our many goals of an increase of at least $100k per year. It took a mere 3 months for us to recoup our initial investment. I would highly recommend Cathy to any business owner who is committed and dedicated to take their business to the next level. Cathy passion and drive makes your business her business.

Kim - owner of a Beauty / Cosmetic Salon
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