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Sales Training
Sales or the term salesperson is not a dirty word

Nothing happens until a sale is made…

In today’s competitive business environment where all your competitors are fighting for the same customer, does it makes sense to be able to sell your product or service better? By learning the right approach on how to handle a potential customer from their initial enquiry thru to sale and to after care service, will make you stand out from your competitors, and of course make you more sales.

By developing a unique sales process for your business you and your team will become better sales people; who in return will increase your sales, make you more money and you will have happier clients who tell others

Here are just some of the areas that Better Business Now can help you with:

  • Sales process - develop a unique Sales Process; simply a documented map or process that can show how a potential customer  is handled from the start thru to the end
  • Sales scripts - develop Sales scripts that are unique to your business and situation
  • One-on-one training
  • In-house sales training for your staff
  • Sales workshops
  • Appointment making process
  • Ethical sales approach only (we don’t believe in or teach under-handed sales tactics)
  • Win more quotes
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