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Importing/Product Development

Is your product supply costing you too much?

To put instant profit into your pocket, one of the easiest ways is to look at what you are currently paying for your stock, is there enough margin in the cost of the product to the sale price?

Simply by spending a little time sourcing and comparing new suppliers you could save yourself a small fortune. If only a 5% saving was made, that’s money in your pocket!

For example; say you spend $200,000 a year on stock and you were only able to save 5% by souring a new supplier… that’s a cool 10 grand in your back pocket just in savings alone!

Now, Image if you could save 50% or more...?

High savings are commonly achieved by sourcing overseas, and with modern technology the world market place is becoming more accessible.

Better Business Now can organise;

  • Product search and samples
  • Product development – based on an existing product
  • New product development – your idea that is brought to life
  • Container to your door service
  • Part load service (smaller orders)

We organise a simple no fuss service that provides ‘container to your door service’ – we look after everything (shipping, customs, regulations etc) you just get on with business

To get the maximum ‘money saving benefits’ of importing, volume orders are required

Note: You will need a minimum budget of $5000, (depending on product required) and a one time only product souring and negotiation fee of $500

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