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Article: What’s your marketing saying about your Business?

Would you go out and buy a family car if you thought it would fall apart on the way home?

And you probably wouldn’t buy it from a used car sales person who you thought was ripping you off on the purchase price, and not prepared to stand behind the warrantee if the gearbox fell out around the corner as you drove off from the car yard, would you?

Before a customer makes a purchase from you, buyers need to trust that your product or service will do what they are supposed to do.

Does your current marketing efforts help establish this trust needed to convince prospects to buy from you instead of buying from your competitors?

If you are struggling to attract customers, here’s just a small sample of 5 different ways to convert prospects to customers and stop losing out to your competitors
1.Give something away: when you give away something to people, they are more likely to trust you and return the favour by buying something from you. Give away some time, free report, samples or demonstrations, don’t forget to always add a value to what you are giving away
2.Reduce risk: majority of concerns buyers have is how the product or service will perform. Reduce their risk by offering a specific guarantee that states what your product or service will do and if it doesn’t, this is what we’ll do. Sorry, but ‘Your satisfaction is guaranteed’ simply doesn’t ‘cut it’ anymore
3.Use testimonials: no matter how great you are or how fantastic your product or service is, people pay attention to what others say about you. Give some of your customers a call and ask what they liked about your product or service and any benefits and additional help they received. Edit their comments and ask for written permission to use their comments in your future marketing material
4.Set up a referral system: when you are looking to buy a product or service you generally ask your friends if they know anyone or had any experiences. You trust the recommendations of people you know, so why not leverage from this? Don’t wait for the occasional referral to trickle in out of the blue. Implement a professionally crafted referral system to create a stampede
5.Stay in touch: a personal phone call, a letter or card, are some of the best ways to stay in touch and establish trust. Set up a ‘customer contact system’ - contact your customers and prospects regularly and get feedback on their concerns

If you want to start winning more customers, have happier clients and more repeat sales; use these marketing strategies to build trust and you’ll find a floodgate opens of more prospects wanting to buy your products and services

by Brian Brown

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