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Wondering How to Use Your Business card

Wondering How to Use Your Business card? Here's What You Need to Know

We live and thrive in a digital world these days. We get our music online. Our books online. We even order our movies online. So much has changed over the past few years, that it can be confusing knowing what still works from the old ways and what is obsolete. Many marketers balk at the idea of using mass mailers, but still put up online landing pages that are just electronic sales letters. People get books delivered from online stores, but when is the last time you saw a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. Clearly a lot has changed, but the old reliable business card is still useful for business people today.

Business cards Don't Go Out Of Style
Though they may seem like relics of a bygone era, it is still important to have and know how to use your business card. Though we trade a lot of information electronically, there is always a chance of files getting deleted or mobile devices shoring out. The humble business card, however, seems to stand up to the worst conditions. Short of someone throwing a card away or losing it, your business card will likely stay with the person you gave it to for some years to come.

Hand Out Multiple Cards
One smart, simple means of using your business card is to always hand out more than one to people. If you give someone two cards, you have doubled the chance of your name and information being seen. If that same person hears someone mention the need of your services, he has an extra card on hand to give away - on the spot. These kinds of impromptu card handouts can mean some very big business connections for you. Get in the habit of always handing out more than one of your business cards to a single person.

Get To the Right Places
None of us wants to just go around randomly handing cards out, though there is no harm in this practice. One of the best ways to use your business card is to be strategic. Stays educated about your business niche and know when people will be at conventions, gatherings, etc. If you are going to get your business card into people's hands, it only makes sense to get it into the hands of people that are relevant to your business. This certainly doesn't mean that every person will be a potential customer, but they may very well run into a customer and hand your card to that inquirer. You can even give your business card to the competition. Just because you are in competition with someone does not mean you need to be enemies. You never know when your competitor will run into too much business and have to funnel some your way. By using your business card in this way, you are covering as many bases as possible. You have to think and act different if you want to get different results.

Take every opportunity and think how you can strategically use your business card to drum up future sales. There is no wrong way to get your information out to people. The only mistake you might make is not passing out enough of them. Have an ample supply and keep on handing them out. You will surely drum up some sales from the sheer odds of your information being readily available to anyone and everyone.

Article by Brian Brown

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