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Website promotion by using Directories

Website promotion by using Directories

When you are ready to start your website promotion efforts, you need to get your site submitted to the various directories. Some of these directories will require a fee, and others will be free. If you aren't sure where to start, or what you need to do for this, the following article will assist you with this.

Key Directories:
One of the first places you want to submit your website to would be the main directory sites which include Google, Yahoo and MSN. You want your site listed at the directories that people use when they are searching for your product. There are many smaller directories, as well as search engines, so be prepared to spend a lot of time submitting your page. You will also find directory listings that will help you with your website promotion in that it will submit your site to multiple directories. Some utilities will be free, or a small fee and you will find others that want a significant amount of money for this service. You can also buy software that will assist you with this project.

Specialised Directories:
Look to see if there are special directories for your industry that you can get listed on. When you use your favourite search engine, and words such as directories and your industry, you will be amazed at what you will find. Make sure you get yourself listed in these places. You may find this ends up being quite helpful when people know exactly what they are looking for and are using slightly more specific keywords when they are searching.

Reciprocal Links:
Another helpful type of listing for website promotion is getting reciprocal links. This is when another site puts up a link to your website, and you put a link on your site for their website. You need to be careful what types of sites you do this with, as you could end up sending your customers away very quickly. You could create a page that is for all your reciprocal links, and then they don't take away from your main page, but some people have caught on to this trick of website promotion and require their link to be in a specific spot within your website. When looking for sites to have reciprocal links with, try to find pages that get similar traffic to your own, or a bit less than your own site gets. You may have a difficult time getting a reciprocal link from a very busy website, as they don't need the extra website promotion.

You can spend days and weeks on getting your website submitted to all the directories that are out there. Start with the big ones, and getting yourself listed on a variety of sites. Keep in mind that some of the directories could take a while to list you for a variety of reasons, so the sooner you submit your site to them, the sooner you will get website promotion from them.

Article by Brian Brown




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