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Using Email Lists

Using Email Lists

Email is a quick and efficient way for you to keep in touch with your customers and help with the process of website promotion. With only a few customers, an email list is easy to maintain, but as it gets larger, there is more work involved. If you aren't already running an email list, you may want to consider starting one and here is why.

An email list is a cheap way to keep in touch with customers. You can possibly use your business email account to send a mass email out, or you can subscribe to services that will send them out for you. While the cost of the service could be equivalent to the cost of stamps, the amount of money you will save on the printing costs will pay for itself in no time.

An email list is fast. When you decide that you are going to have a spur of the moment website promotion sale tomorrow, you can throw out an email to hundreds of customers in a few minutes. If you were going to mail out the website promotion, you would need to know a few weeks ahead of time to get flyers designed, printed and mailed.

It is easy to determine how effective your website promotion is with this method. Most mailing programs will give you feedback as to how many of the emails were opened, which links were clicked and information. If you subscribe to a service, they may also do the list maintenance for you as well, which involves removing non-valid emails or handling unsubscribe requests.

Repeat Sales:
A mailing list is a great way to promote repeat sales. With online stores, people forget you exist if you do not keep yourself where they can see you. When they get an email they say, hey, I was thinking I needed that product, I should head over there and buy it. Or it may be they wanted to order, but they couldn't remember the name of your site, and as a result, couldn't place their order. You provided the information they needed, and now they can shop.

One word of caution when you are using email for website promotion - do not spam your customers. There is a limit to how many times your customers want to hear from you in a week or a month. At the very most, keep your email to once a week. When you do send out something to your customers, make sure it contains value and interest for the customer. If you want to show them pictures of a new product line, you may want to provide a link directly to your shopping website containing the new articles, instead of attaching a picture of every item, especially as people read email more and more on their mobile devices.

An email campaign can be very beneficial with your website promotion efforts as long as you keep to the guidelines. Remember, people have a short attention span, so keep it short and sweet.

Article by Brian Brown
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