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The Smart Approach To Simple marketing

The Smart Approach To Simple marketing

Life can be needlessly complex most of the time. We have more choices these days than ever before. Any time the choices add up, the amount of confusion and complexity automatically increase. Nowhere is this more obvious than in business, especially marketing. There are just so many approaches to marketing today, that it seems like you have to be a genius to figure out half of it. There are some simple marketing techniques that everyone can understand. If you've grown weary with all of the marketing techniques that are being touted these days, here's just 2 very simple marketing ideas that you can use.

Get Referrals
This is an age-old marketing technique. Don't let the fact that it has been around for a long time throws you off, getting referrals is still one of the best ways to market today. There is nothing hard about asking customers to give you a referral to their friend, but for some reason so many companies still fail to do it. You are not imposing on your customers by asking them to tell others about their positive experiences with your company. This is the essence of simple marketing. A referral can turn into publicity for your company that you might never achieve any other way. Some of the strongest niches in the world of business have companies that developed most of their notoriety by way of referrals. If you're not asking customers, whether in person, or online to refer your business, you are missing on one of the most simple marketing tools that ever existed. To make it even sweeter, it doesn't cost a dime either. You won't get them if you don't ask for them, so make it a point to start asking today.

Article Writing
If you have know-how about your business you can parlay that expertise into some instant and simple marketing by writing articles. People love to read about subjects that interest them. If you have a target-audience then you have people waiting to read what you have to say. One of the best things about article writing is that it can be disseminated to lots of people very quickly via online article directories. Another benefit to this simple marketing technique is that you can easily take your articles, rewrite them slightly, and put them up as blog posts. You can also compile your articles for release in a free ebook to your customers. Putting your knowledge down in words can be one of the wisest investments of time and effort that you will ever make. Don't wait another day, start putting some of your thoughts and insights down on paper as notes and then refine them into useful articles for your customers. This is a great way to market and the effort will pay off in no time at all.

Get Your Marketing In Gear
There you go, 2 quick and easy ways to spice up your marketing efforts. Everyone loves easy and free, both of these marketing techniques are both easy and free. What more could you ask for?

Article by Brian Brown


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