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Social Media for Website promotion

Social Media for Website promotion

Social media have exploded around the world with more people logging into sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. Most people you talk to have an account with these sites, and many others, and are more than willing to add you onto their page. Businesses need to learn how to use these methods in order to keep up and to help with their website promotion.

The biggest thing about using social media is building trust with your customers. If all you ever post are your business information and please buy from us, you will alienate people, and they are not going to be interested in talking to you. But, if you are able to offer them value, they will stick by you and hopefully convert into a sale. It is okay to post sales information, but also include tips about your product. For instance, if you sell clothing, you might want to post about the hottest colors this season. While this doesn't get you a sale directly, you are providing value.

Make sure when you are getting set up on the social media sites you are filling out all your profile information. This includes information about the business, your website URL, and everything else you can. You want to indicate where you are located, even if you are online only, as people want to know where they are shopping when they get to that point. Pictures are also valuable to add to your profile. Make sure you select a profile picture and keep it up to date.

In order to see results from your social media website promotion, you need to tell people about the website. To do this, you need to start getting friends, followers or whatever the site you are on calls them. You want to start by adding people you already know, and then you can go through their friends and add those with similar interests. You can also see if it is possible to search the site with keywords, interests or some other method, and find those people. Make sure you give a brief introduction when you add them.

Follow through on promises on when doing website promotion with social media. If you post on your page that you will be posting every Monday with a tip, make sure you post every Monday with a tip. People come to expect things and will make sure to follow you and check on you on the Monday if they enjoy the tips. This is a great way to use social media for your website promotion as you can tell them to visit your website for all the past tips.

By using social media as part of your website promotion, you will be able to gain new customers or increase your sales numbers. Just remember that it is something you have to keep up with, as you can lose these new contacts as fast as you got them, if not faster.

Article by Brian Brown
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