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Looking for Customer loyalty

Looking for Customer loyalty? Build Relationships

If you've been in business for any length of time, you probably look at more metrics and analytics than you care to remember. It's important to track information about your business to see how you are progressing. Perhaps no more important metric exists than that of customer loyalty. If your business is going to make it for the long haul you have to have customers that are going to go the road with you. Loyal customers are any business's best asset. While there is a lot of talk about bringing in new customers (and this is very important), never try to bring in new customers at the expense of alienating existing customers. If you need a case history on this topic, look at the "New Coke" scandal of the 1980's. Coca-Cola took a big risk and alienated a lot of loyal customers in the attempt to draw in new customers. What resulted was one of the biggest fiascoes in the history of American business.

Develop a Brand or You Won't Get Brand Loyalty
Spend time doing market research to see what your target audience needs and expects from your company. You have to know who you are selling to, before you can hope to successfully build a brand that they will trust. Remember that all business should have customer relationships somewhere as a core value. If you alienate people, you will not get any customer loyalty from them. So work on developing a relevant brand that your customers can continue to relate to.

Customer loyalty Comes From Familiarity
You have to stay in front of your customers if you want them to remember you and to get customer loyalty. There are more ways available for this than ever before, but you have to go about things the right way. For example, there are a lot of social media sites that you should do some advertising on. These are places online where your customers are probably spending a lot of time. Begin to develop a company presence on these sites and offer useful content to customers. Keep them thinking about your company, or they will soon be thinking of the competition. The real point is to insert your company into the life that your customers lead online and off to get the kind of customer loyalty that lasts.

Customer loyalty Takes Time To Develop
Remember that earning customer loyalty is not a sprint, it is a marathon. While you want to get off on the best start you can in cultivating your customer relationships, do not try to force your product, services, or advertising on people. Take a smarter approach of having a presence that people can find, in the places that they already go. If you have a lot of customers that participate on Facebook, develop a fan page on that site and offer tons of useful content. Customer will take notice of this, and you will be strengthening a relationship over time that will last.

Article by Brian Brown

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