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Article: Do staff need a kick up the Bum?



No - hang on, let me think about it - Yes...

A fast food owner with two outlets in Melbourne was finding business slow. He believed his staff were practicing suggestion selling ("Would you like a Coke with that?")
But when his Accountant posed four times as a customer buying pizza slices, only once was he invited to add something.
The owner, merely by re-training staff, increased sales within a fortnight by over $1,000 a week and profit by 15 - 20%. That meant $25,000 more profit a year and $75,000 more in business-sale value.

Are you checking up on your business?

When was the last time you rang your business to see how your team answer the phone?
When did you last have a secret shopper investigate the level of service your company is providing?

Most people answer these question ‘never'. If that's the case with you, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities...


by Brian Brown

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