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When was the last time you simply said, "Thank You"?
In today’s business world, heart and sincerity have somehow been lost in the quest to preserve and build a smooth professional image. Marketing books tell us to create an almost artificial gloss which we are told is “critical” in order to have our customers feel certain and secure in using our products and services. If there is one thing I have learned through being a consultant for quite some time it is this… “Having customers love you is priority number one.” It’s not about how “smooth” we are. It’s not about “image.” 

At the end of the day, businesses, particularly small to medium sized business, must remember that “consumers” do have a name, do have emotions and do hold the key to their long-term success (not to mention the cash). What I am saying is that customers are people. “No kidding” I hear you say. People however, are far more dynamic than the word “customers” embodies. People live and breathe. People worry, people cry, people laugh, people think, people have emotions…and those emotions are VERY powerful.

How much humanity do you have in your day-to-day marketing approach? Have you sat down recently, and with your heart, written a letter of gratitude to your clients? Have you told them how important they are to your business and to you personally? The power of a simple “thank you letter,” cannot be understated. You see, in today’s hard-edged world, sincerity stands out like a sore thumb! People are quite simply not used to a company (which they perceive as something other than a group of other “people”), saying “thank you” when they don’t “have to.” It actually blows them away and secures for you their undying loyalty and patronage. So make a decision right now to express in words, not just thoughts, just how much you appreciate the loyalty and patronage of those who make it possible for you to live. The rewards will be numerous and well worth it.





by Brian Brown

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