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Telephone manners - What manners?

People always agree and nod their heads with that "you're so right" look, whenever they hear about the importance of Phone answering.

It's like "excellence in customer service" - everyone agrees, but very few practice it.
If you and your team have a great phone manner and you get good positive feed back from clients, you deserve to be Congratulated! Well done and keep it up!

Each month I speak to many businesses over the phone and I am constantly amazed at the percentage of people who are cold, flat and outright rude when answering the phone! Every call is potentially a business opportunity - a new client, an existing client, whatever - your phone is one of your most valuable marketing tools - learn to use it properly and train you staff and families. Smile before answering, speak clearly and in a friendly professional manner.

"Attitudes are contagious...Is yours worth catching?"

Start with yourself and your employees...

"Don't open a shop unless you know how to smile", says an old Jewish proverb, and that advice applies to everyone in your company. The fastest, cheapest, and best way to market your service is through your employees. Every employee should know that every act is a marketing act upon which your success depends. Review every step - from how your team answers the phone, to the message on the bottom of your invoices - and ask what you could do differently to attract and keep more customers.

Every act is a marketing act. Make every employee a marketing person.

Extract from "Selling the Invisible" by Harry Beckwith

Never Say These Things!

If you want to be a cut above the rest in business, consider this list of "Nevers".

Never Say.....

  • "They didn't get back to me" Or, "They are getting back to me".
    Both are equally disastrous. Expecting someone to get back to you stops the action. Take the initiative.
  • "I thought someone else was taking care of that."
    Excuses indicate a roadblock to action. Always ask questions to keep things moving.
  • "No one ever told me".
    This statement gives a very clear picture about the way you work. You operate in a tunnel, oblivious to everything that is going on around you.
  • "I didn't have time." And don't bother with "I was too busy", either.
    If you find yourself saying things like this, you are writing your business obituary.
  • "I didn't think to ask about that."
    An inability to see down the road may indicate that you lack the ability to understand and grasp relationships.

The message in business today is very clear....

The only measure for success is performance. Whatever the roadblocks, it's your job to remove them. If not, you'll be perceived as one of them...


by Brian Brown

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