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How to get FREE Yellow Pages advertising

This article is the follow on from my previous article titled 'Yellow Pages Warning'

You may remember my article about how to make your Yellow Pages advertisement work overtime and cause your phones to go in to a meltdown (if you don't, simply go back and read the article)...
Here's the encore to that article, how to get your ads for FREE!

Keeping an eye on your competitors is always a good idea but never more so than if they go out of business. When this happens, it opens up a number of opportunities for you.

For example, you can ring the competitor prior to this and offer to pay for the use of their phone number. Then ring the phone carrier and divert the number to yours. This means that all the calls to your competitor will now be coming to you at a nominal cost of a phone diversion. One of the major benefits of this is that you then have their Yellow Pages ad working for you for the remaining life of the directory at no advertising cost.

On numerous occasions I have phoned ads in the Yellow Pages that the businesses have closed down or have the wrong number printed. On one occasion I came across a quarter page ad for a cleaning company, when I phoned them a very irate lady answered the phone informing me that the company had closed down and some how she had ended up with their number and 20 plus calls a day and no one could fix the problem as the ad had another 9 months to run!

Imagine that... a 25 thousand dollar ad, and no one to service the calls, and 9 more months to run! I think I could have fixed that lady's problem for her by buying her phone number from her, I'm probably sure if I had mentioned it to her she would have gladly paid me to take it!
Come to think of it, maybe I should have. I'm sure there are other cleaning companies that would have been lining up to buy those leads from me...

by Brian Brown

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