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How much is a lost call costing your business?

Alarming statistics show business owners don't want extra Money...

Business development officer Malea, is constantly on the phone all day speaking with business owners, and of course Malea keeps a log of her own response rates and statistics.

Something very surprising and even horrifying emerged from these statistics...

23% of businesses DON'T answer their phones! Around half that figure includes ‘answering machine'. Now if you want to increase your business or at least keep the business you have, take some time out and look what is happening with your incoming calls. Are these calls simply being missed for whatever reason? If this is the case, why not invest in a professional answering service that will answer your diverted calls promptly and in a professional manner and take messages on your behalf for you to call back at a more convenient time for you. These services start from as low as $25 a month.
Now, if you are still using the old ‘answering machine', for your fixed phone lines, ask yourself this question; ‘When was the last time you left a message on one, or did you simply hang up and call someone else?

As for your mobile phone; this is slightly different, as people are generally more prepared to leave a message. The point here is to actually have a recorded message for callers to leave their details. How often have you called a mobile number only to have it ring out, or ‘The person you are calling is currently unavailable, please call back later' - Yeah right...

How much is a lost call costing your business?

by Brian Brown

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