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A Clean business is a Happy business (and more profitable)

Have you every wondered what your business appearance is saying about you?

From your own personal experience, if a tradesperson or professional showed up on your doorstep in an unacceptable state (we all have our own view of what is acceptable), what would you do?

  • Would you feel comfortable in their ability?
  • Would you trust them?
  • Would you do business with them?
  • Would you refer them?

All interesting questions... if we look at the reverse situation on how you present your own business, or how your employees represent your business to your customers. Does your business image live up to your own expectations, or more importantly your customers expectations?

Take some time out and stand back and have a look at your business - Is it time for a change?

Here's a few photos below that I have taken...

and Yes... they are real


Inside a tradesperson's vehicle...

I was speaking with the owners of this company and they commented on how one of their employees was always loosing paperwork and they couldn't understand why? So I went out to the employees vehicle and this is what I found...

(I grabbed one of the owners and took them for a walk thru their carpark and showed them the likely cause of this particular employees problem - hence, the employee got a kick up the butt and this situation is now fixed)


Inside a shop...

 I was walking along a major shopping area looking into shops and this is a shop I came across.

I could not beleive this when I saw it - you could not even get into the front door of the shop and it was open for business.

Don't know what they were selling, nor do I care - would you shop here???






No excuse for this at all - absolutely disgusting...








A Take-away bar...

A recent business trip to Sydney - was spending the day with my brother-in-law and was telling him about some of the businesses I had seen.

He said "that's nothing, I'll show you a good shop"....




Apparently the windows have been broken for many years and instead of fixing them have been boarded up and held together with masking tape





This is inside the shop - still has all of its original fittings. The chocolate bar boxes in the window have been there that long that the boxes are faded from the sun.
You can see there is 1 light on in the shop - I was told it was a lucky day as they had never seen lights on before

It's a real shame to see a business like this. In its day it would have been absolutely beautiful... if it was fixed up to its former glory I believe business would boom just for the nostalgia value alone


by Brian Brown

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