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3 simple ways to reduce your direct mail costs

Using direct mail strategies for any business can greatly increase the numbers of new customers and also bring back old customers too. What I want to discuss today is just 3 simple ways to reduce your direct mail costs - putting money straight into your back pocket....

1. ‘Piggy-Back' Mailing: This is when you insert your mailer into someone else's mail out. For example, Super Cheap Auto regularly include a flyer with Queensland Transport's registration notices. It's perfect target marketing for Super Cheap since they know every flyer is going to a car owner.
Super Cheap would be contributing to the cost of the mailing but it would be considerably cheaper than sending a stand-alone letter which in many cases will be tossed in the bin. Not so, with Queensland Transport mail!
Alders Duty Free insert a 5% discount voucher with every international air ticket Flight Centre give to their customers. Again, perfect targeting marketing. Everyone flying overseas is a customer to a duty free store.

2. ‘Twin-share' mailing: This is very similar to piggy back mailing. However, instead of one company inserting marketing material into the other's mail out, both companies join together and share both the mailing costs and databases.
This way you offer is exposed to a whole range of potential new customers who will have more confidence in your company since you are linked in with another company they know and respect.
Companies with complimentary products / services are idea partners for this strategy, for example, pest controllers and plumbers; accountants and insurance brokers; wedding photographers and reception venues.

3. Sell space: Sell the reverse (blank side) side of your flyers to a complimentary business. When you consider that the vast majority of letterbox drops go out printed only on one side, you'll see my point.
Also, by adding another offer to your flyer, you increase your chances of success since some prospects may be more interested in the other offer.
This means they will keep the flyer instead of throwing it in the bin, which gives your offer a better chance to be accepted by them or someone else in their household. Regardless, you've still halved your costs.

by Brian Brown

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