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5 Tips to Generate Business referrals

5 Tips to Generate Business referrals

In business, there is a lot of emphasis on getting new customers. After all, if you are not bringing new people in, your business will cease to grow. As nearly every person who is serious about their company is always serious about business growth, it is only natural that a lot of effort and money are thrown toward tactics to get business referrals. If your company is not growing as quickly as you had hoped, or if your business is actually regressing, you need to implement some new techniques for generating business referrals. Here are 5 quick tips to get you started on the path to increased referrals.

1. Get involved in affiliate networking. Affiliate networking at its very core is all about referrals. You can push visitors to other websites via ads and links, and other websites can do the same for you. This is a great way to get some referrals that require very little work. Do your research to find a compatible affiliate network to work with.

2. Call a charitable organization. The PR folks at many charities are always looking for new ways to drum up referrals. Cut a deal that for every referral they send your way, you will donate X amount of money. This is a great way to generate business referrals and to help a worthy cause in the process.

3. Sponsor a local event. If you have the cash to sponsor, even on a small scale, a local amateur sporting or entertainment event, be sure to stipulate that you want to do some PR work while you are there. Set up a booth with handouts of your product or informational packets. Be sure to include a coupon or some kind of incentive for these new people to buy what you are selling.

4. Ask your customers to spread the word. So many businesses just assume that their customers are going to get them referrals. The fact is you have to let people know that you want them to tell friends and family. The direct method can be very effective. You can put this request as an additional note on a newsletter or thank you email to existing customers.

5. Practice good customer service. Number five here is really a no-brainer. The better your service, the more likely people are going to recommend you and generate business referrals for your company. Conversely, when a bad customer experience is reported - take care of it immediately! Nothing will kill your business referrals faster than bad word getting around. Remember that people remember the negative more readily than the positive. Don't let one bad customer experience cost you newer customers down the road.

6. Consider using these five tips to generate business referrals. If you put all of these things into action, along with other strategies you are already employing, you should start to see referrals pouring in. Remember to be sure that you have a method of reporting how people found out about your business. There is no sense in ramping up a program to get new referrals if you cannot report on your efforts to make your efforts more fruitful.

Article by Brian Brown
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