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Brian Brown
Founder - Brisbane Qld
Business Coach Brian Brown
Brian is considered the guru of ‘low cost marketing solutions’. For example, a $2 outlay for a major franchise chain resulted in a 700% increase in sales. On average, Brian’s clients see a $164,000 increase in sales within the first six months of working with him. Brian’s experience goes back nearly 30 years, starting a furniture manufacturing business at age 16, then becoming actively involved and consulting to various Government based management committees like the Dept. of Health and Dept. of Youth and Community Services (where Brian was the youngest person in NSW to hold a premium ‘Chairman’ position).

Brian has worked with, and created various franchise groups from start-up to completion, including systemisation, trade marking, sales process, development and implementation of ‘unique’ marketing systems and all the relevant documentation required. His accomplishments include State Manager and head sales trainer for a group of security consultants of the World’s largest security dealership. By implementing one simple strategy resulted in close to $200K of additional sales in less than six months. Within the highly competitive ‘flooring industry’, Brian has worked with two of Australia’s largest companies, from sales consultant to management.

Brian has been a full time Business & Marketing coach for over 13 years, has conducted literally 100's of consultations giving advise to a broad range of business types within Australia and overseas. He has presented at seminars and workshops with his 'tell it as it is' style while making the information enjoyable and extremely practical.


Chris Sorianochris_opt.jpg
Marketing Co-ordinator

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, Chris entered the sales & marketing Industry because of her interest in the way people think and the way business is perceived and promoted.

Over the past few years Chris has been actively involved in training for sales, negotiation and presenting skills which she uses to pass on to others.

Quoted as a woman with artistic inclination because of her passion for theater arts, but because of motherhood and her busy schedule at work she isn't as active anymore. 

Being a business owner herself, Chris loves a challenge when it comes to helping other business owners succeed beyond their own belief systems and surroundings.
With a very strong work ethic and commitment , Chris is an asset and very valued member to the BBN team

George LamBBN Coach team member

Video Production Specialist / Visual Designer

George offers creative solutions to his clients in the form of graphic design or video design. Primarily a video designer, George has created videos for presentations, web advertisement, in-store displays, for distribution on DVD and more.

Just some of the things we can do:

Video production ads for businesses - any length
TV and web production
Recording of procedures and training for use in staff training and systems
Video sales presentations

And more - just ask us...





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