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Exceptional people only read pass this point…

Are you the sort of person who enjoys and gets satisfaction from helping others and seeing them succeed? Better Business Now is looking for people with a background in Business or management to work with business owners.
You must:

•    Be ethical
•    Be honest
•    Minimum of 3 years in Management or owned a Business
•    Have an understanding of the business environment
•    Demonstrate the ability to deal with Business owners on different levels
•    Be smart enough to know that you don’t know everything and are willing to learn and listen

If you don’t meet this minium criteria (and we do check) – please don’t waste your time.

If this is you, we would like to chat further about some opportunities.

Been looking at buying or have bought a 'Business Coaching' Franchise?

Here's just a sample of some of the more well known ones available:
Better Business Institute
Enact Business Architects
Action International and more...

There are a lot of Business Coaching franchises / licenses out there for sale, all saying  why you should give them up to $200k to be come part of their successful system? Recommendation: When looking at any business model it pays to do your homework...
Unfortunately, we get quite a few enquiries from business coaches who ask for our help, after realising what they have bought is not what they thought it would be (or told).

So, we have now decided to help you instead of turning you away.

If you have bought a 'business coaching' business, and not doing that well or simply looking to purchase one without the mega dollar investment  -  why not contact us and have a chat to see if you have the ability, skill and the right attitude to become part of our business.

A final word: Can 'anyone' become a Business Coach? - Definitely NOT...

We look forward to speaking with you



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